Monday, June 27, 2016

Manuela Franco Barbato, The Daughter of Ex-Italian MP Converts to Islam

The daughter of former Italian member parliament has converted to Islam and changed her name to Aysha. Manuela Franco Barbato, is now a pious Muslim is now prefers to be addressed herself as Aysha. The Manuela decision has sparked uproar across Italy reported Huffington Post. Manuela changed her Facebook profile picture by wearing hijab. She was studying in L’Orientale University of Naples, feeling so proud of the purity of her soul. She said, the hijab is my way, the way that Allah has chosen for me. Indeed this is the divine law, who am I to object.

I strongly believe, every human is free to select a religion after growing up, can give up their parent’s religion. I wasn’t satisfied with my religion, because it does not touch my heart. Islam is such a powerful religion giving full rights to women even. I am very much satisfied with decision, because Islam gives me hidden power and inner peace as well. When I offer five time prayers, I can’t express the satisfaction I got in words. My life is on right direction now, and I’m on right path now.

Italy has more than 1.7 million populations and Islam is getting popularity among peoples, as 20,000 had recently converted into Islam. Before declaring it publicly Aysha lived with her father back at their family home in Naples. Her father Franco Barbato is not happy with his daughter decision and highly criticized her. I live this conversion very bad, because it is a religion too harsh, too radical, and too rigid. I think it is a fundamentalist religion. That’s fanaticism and this is the agony I feel for his choice of life.

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