Monday, August 26, 2013

Grave of Prophet Hazrat Zikriya A.S

Well Where Hazrat Yousaf A.S was Thrown by his brothers

Srine of Binyameen (Brother of Prophet Hazrat Yousaf A.S) in Israel.

Glamour British Model Carley Watts Converted to Islam

Islam is such a powerful religion, which is setting great example for others to be reverted their life according to Islam & Sunnah. The latest example set by glamour model Carley Watts 24, is falling in love with Tunisian Lifeguard Muhammad Salah, 25 and convert to Islam. She used to spend her days in exposing herself. She met with Muhammad Salah during a holiday in Tunisia in April 2013, and she is so serious about the lifeguard set to Islam to become his wife. She’s expressing her feeling in this line “Once we are married, my body is for his eyes only”. Carley friends are joking her decision & thinks she’s mad but that just a phase. 'They can’t get their heads round me going from being the last girl standing on every night out to wearing a veil and converting to Islam. Meeting Mohammed Salah has made me really look at my life. I don’t want to be going wild, flashing my body and falling out of nightclubs any more. But we couldn’t be more different. As a glamour model I show off my body, dress up in kinky outfits and generally act outrageous. Mohammed Salah is solely focused on family life. If I’m drunk I like to take my clothes off and recently I walked all the way home from a nightclub totally starkers. I love going to raves and staying up dancing all night in little tutus and bra tops. Now my life is set to change beyond belief. I don’t have any worries, though. Although Mohammed does know what Carley watts does for a living, and his family aren't aware of her career and won't be told.
She explained that the fact she is a single mother was already enough of a shock for them. She says; he loved me and wanted me to be his wife and they have come round to that. He accepts that glamour modeling is what I do and doesn’t try to change me. But he says once we are married my body is for his eyes only. Single mothers are almost unheard of in Tunisia, where sex outside of marriage is frowned upon and is punishable by law.Single mums don’t exist in his world and men who get unmarried women pregnant go to prison. It is all about family and he idolizes his mother. 'These are the kind of values I love about their culture. Women are treated with respect and they also respect themselves and their bodies. They don’t do one-night stands or casual flings. When I’m with Mohammed I feel so content, calm and happy. I know he’s the kind, family man for me. I’m so glad about my decision to embracing the Islam, which is such a strong religion. I must say everyone should read the Islam without any bias; and then feel the change in their life.