Monday, September 10, 2012

230 Years old Masjid in Germany's

230 years old Germany's first Masjid & one of the oldest Masjid in Europe can be found in the gardens of Schwetzingen Castle. Designed and built in 1780 by French architect Nicolas de Pigage (1723-1796), it is the largest oriental-style building in a German-speaking country. Built from 1779 to 1796, Schwetzingen Masjid is the only 18th century garden Masjid still in existence in Europe. It is a real highlight, set within the Turkish Gardens, in one of the last areas of the beautifully landscaped castle grounds completed.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Miracle of Quran

The word "land" appears 13 times in the Qur'an and the word "sea" 32 times, giving a total of 45 references. If we divide that number by that of the number of references to the land we arrive at the figure 28.888888888889%. The number of total references to land and sea, 45, divided by the number of references to the sea in the Qur'an, 32, is 71.111111111111%. Extraordinarily, these figures represent the exact proportions of land and sea on the Earth today.